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Speak a Foreign Language by Creating Your Own Phrases

• Fetch-a-Phrase Do-It-Yourself Phrasemakers give you the ability to make up thousands of basic sentences in a foreign language on the spur of the moment.

• With the a Fetch-a-Phrase Do-It-Yourself Phrasemaker at hand you don't need to take a language course or fiddle with impenetrable phrasebooks; the basics of the language are laid out for you, literally at your fingertips. Speaking a foreign language has never been easier.

• The philosophy of Fetch-a-Phrase system is simple: while waiting in the airport for your flight you should be able to figure out how the system works and learn the rudiments of the target language's pronunciation. After spending an hour or so of your flight practicing the system, you should be able to construct your first phrases immediately upon arriving in the country.

• After a remarkably short time, you'll already have an idea of how the foreign language is put together and will remember more words than you ever thought possible. Within several days you'll be able to construct and use complex sentences such as "Where is it possible to rent a good bicycle?" or "Today I want to visit an old friend".

• The Fetch-a-Phrase system is unique and is the best and quickest system for speaking the basics of a foreign language in the shortest possible time.

• Fetch-a-Phrase DIY Phrasemakers are accompanied by a pamphlet that neatly explains how the Fetch-a-Phrase system works. This also includes a section on tips and grammar, followed by a full pronunciation guide.

• Fetch-a-Phrase DIY Phrasemakers are laminated for durability, fold up to fit into a back pocket and have two blank areas for writing in your own words.

To learn more about how the system works, please visit the how to page.

To read why the Fetch-a-Phrase system was invented, please click here.
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