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Omniglot: information about the Burmese script

Wikipedia: learn about the structure Burmese

Lao general information about Lao.

Omniglot: information about the Lao script

Wikipedia: learn about the structure Lao

Mandarin Chinese
Omniglot: information about Chinese writing.

Wikipedia: learn about the structure Mandarin

Mandarin tones and pronunciation: This is an excellent resource

Thai Internet resource center for learning Thai general information about Thai.

Omniglot: information about the Thai script

Wikipedia: learn about the structure Thai

Worthwhile Websites
Summer Study Abroad: Global Student Experience provides study abroad programs in Europe, Australia, Argentina and the UK

Other websites by Fetch-a-Phrase's creator, Jonathan Smith
Walkabout Woods: We're going to Burning Man this year - 2011 and this time will be bringing a large, interactive art installation. View it at our website Walkabout Woods, and, if you can, please donate to help make it a reality.

Monkey C: Unique, alternative gamelan music. Truly original music, and you can play some of our odd instruments online on the Playalong page.

Alicia St. Rose - Photorealist Extraordinaire: Alicia does amazing pastel paintings that almost defy the medium. Absolutely incredible! Don't miss!

William Charnley's Amazing Art: Check out the animated art gallery. Way cool!

Enfleurage-Essential Oils That Are out of This World: The place to go for all your essential oil, aromatherapy and agarwood needs.

Paige Wilson's Stunning Art: Landscapes and still lifes done with flair and attention

A Journey Across Tuva: An animated shockwave slideshow and short film presentation of a journey across the fabled land of Tuva I made in 2002 with my friend and photographer, David Gala. (Worth seeing. Check out "The Asbestos Mine").

Build a Cardboard Geodesic Dome: A complete "How To" web site on building geodesic domes out of cardboard. We have made and used several of these at Burning Man. They were fantastic.

Leonardo's Babes: A gallery of female portraits by Leonardo Da Vinci
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